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Title: When I Tell You Something: I Want To Hold Your Hand
Prompt: Delayed Gratification
Characters: Alex/Wolf
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 925
Summary: In which Wolf holds firmly to his principles, and Alex worries about her chances of dying a virgin. The course of true love never did run smooth.
Warning(s): Discussion of technically illegal sexual activity.

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Title: Many Pebbles
Characters: Alex, Wolf
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,374 (which makes it... not quite proper I'M SORRY, but given that this comm hasn't been used for a bit, er. Pretend it's two fics spliced together :|a)
Summary: In the grand olde tradition of 'Alex goes to live with Wolf/K-Unit' fics... Alex goes to live with Wolf/K-Unit. In this particular bit: Alex is a girl, and no one is more surprised than Wolf.
Warning(s): None.
Author's Notes: Really, the only thing in need of clarifying is that I changed Alex's K-Unit name from Cub to Kit, because... well, think about what a female cub is called when it grows up.

Yeah. Admittedly, Kit wasn't miles better, but it was also the only one that appeals.

Also, to make up for my appalling over-count, if anyone would like an unofficial prompt to get the writerly juices flowing, I happen to quite like in media res.
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Anything -- Anne Phoenix -- Prompt: Fireworks and Explosions

This drabble practically handed itself to me on a plate. Enjoy!

Title: Anything
Author: annephoenix
Characters: Alex
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 160
Summary: I’ll do anything ...
Warning(s): Spoilers for Scorpia Rising
Author's Notes: For the flash_rider prompt: "Fireworks and Explosions".

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No Longer A Child - HPStrangelove - Prompt: Fireworks and Explosions

This story is dedicated to annephoenix , who introduced me to the Alex Rider universe. I can't thank you enough for sharing your love of abusing  Alex with me!

Title: No Longer a Child

Author: hpstrangelove 

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Alex has lived a lifetime in the sixteen months since he started working for MI6. He’s no longer a child.

Word Count: 1228

Warning: Implies major character death.

Pairing/Characters: Yassen, Alex (not as a pairing)

Beta: The wonderful joanwilder .

Author’s Note: Written for the flash_rider  community’s fourteenth challenge prompt, Fireworks and Explosions. Spoilers for Eagle Strike, Scorpia, and Scorpia Rising (nothing is explicit, but things are heavily implied – I would wait to read this if you haven’t yet read Scorpia Rising).

Disclaimer: All Alex Rider characters belong to Anthony Horowitz. No monetary profit made on this story.

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Title: Healing
Author: [info]desecrets
Characters: Alex, Yassen
Rating: Err, G?
Word Count: 995
Summary: Not everyone is cut out for tranquility.
Warning(s): Spoilers for Eagle Strike and some mild AU.
Author's Notes: First fic in this fandom.^^ I'm afraid it's unbetaed as I found no-one to do it. Sorry.

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Challenge Thirteen

As it has been pointed out to me that I am really, really behind things (sorry, laurakyna ! Thanks for reminding me) I give you Challenge Thirteen with a big apology!!!

Challenge Thirteen: Healing

(Because I really want to read some h/c. :P)

I am going to be optimistic and set actual omigod dates for this challenge!

Challenge will be open January 21 - February 21

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Betrayal -- Anne Phoenix -- Prompt: betrayal

Over a month late? Me? But you forgive me, yes?
So I'll get to the bodice ripper and the winter challenge and spy_fest and my Scorpia Rising: Chapter 1(TM) challenge in my own good time! Y/Y

Title: Betrayal
Author: annephoenix
Characters: Alex, Yassen
Rating: R
Word Count: 900
Summary: A triple cross
Warning(s): Character death
Author's Notes: A SUPER-LATE entry for the flash_rider challenge prompt, "Betrayal".

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Challenge Twelve

Well, damn, at least I kept my "It will be on-time!" promise for a whole challenge. I thought I'd gained a new posting-on-time skill! But it's gone now, waved bye-bye, and here is Challenge Twelve, four days late. *sigh*

Let's have a Winter Challenge! Holidays, skiing with machine guns, whatever floats your little Alex Rider boat. :P

Challenge will be open from November 30 - December 30.