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flash rider

flash fiction of the alex rider variety

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Challenge Twelve
Julian Squee
jusmine984 wrote in flash_rider
Well, damn, at least I kept my "It will be on-time!" promise for a whole challenge. I thought I'd gained a new posting-on-time skill! But it's gone now, waved bye-bye, and here is Challenge Twelve, four days late. *sigh*

Let's have a Winter Challenge! Holidays, skiing with machine guns, whatever floats your little Alex Rider boat. :P

Challenge will be open from November 30 - December 30.

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o.o Wow, this means I've been around Alex Rider fandom for a year now. I just realized. It always seems so new.

Ooh, icon love! It's gorgeous. <3

And, I know what you mean. AR was my first fandom, two years ago, I think? I dunno. I'm just happy and stuffz with the awesomeness of fandom. lol.

Holy crap, skiing with machine guns. Like skiing isn't already dangerous enough, let's give it FIREPOWER, haha.

I'm going to have so much fun with this prompt. I don't know whether to do crack or porn or platonic drama more porn. Just, oh boy. So excited.

Skiing with machine guns - there was an Alex Rider short story in British newspapers with young!Alex on vacation holiday with Ian, and ending up skiing with machine guns.

....If I'm recalling correctly. I read it like two years ago. lol.

Glad you like the prompt. :D

Yay! That sounds like fun!! I'll do my absolute best to manage this month!

um... guys? Isn't it a little way past the 30th December? LIke 3 weeks plus past? Shouldn't there be another prompt? *hint hint* lol *grins* you people are worse than me- and that's saying something!!! :)

Um.... I'm gonna blame that on posting karma.


I've changed my mind- you're not worse than me at remembering- I don't even try to write things for these prompts anymore because several times in the past I'd finish or be half finished on paper, and then to have to type it up... yeah, it never got done in time... hmmm... So I just love the prompts because they prompt other people to write, so then I have awesome things to read! Which ends up delaying my writing again, but... what can I say! Procrastinating is so much fun... now if only I could think of something to do for spyfest... my mind's gone blank... :S lol... :)
Okay, and I think I've babbled for long enough! And no problem with the reminder... I happen to need reminding of my best friend's birthdays every single year... and I need reminding everyday for the previous month... and somehow I still fail to buy anything!...

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