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flash rider

flash fiction of the alex rider variety

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Challenge Fourteen
Julian Squee
jusmine984 wrote in flash_rider
I know, I know, I'm late again! capeofstorm just poked me about it, too. :)

So, I was browsing through merlin_flashfic , and I saw an interesting challenge that we all might like: 

Fireworks and Explosions

What could be better for Alex Rider?

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Heh heh, "fireworks and explosions" ... Wait, am I thinking the same thing as you are? 'Cause I totally wasn't thinking about biological explosions at all, nope.

Hee! Whatever floats your boat, sweetie. :P

er... late again huh? LOLS... *collapses into giggles* you're worse than me!!!

really worse than me! hey, 'nother prompt please! i wanna read all the nice little ficcies people write... :P

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