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flash rider

flash fiction of the alex rider variety

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Anything -- Anne Phoenix -- Prompt: Fireworks and Explosions
Dark Alex broody
annephoenix wrote in flash_rider
This drabble practically handed itself to me on a plate. Enjoy!

Title: Anything
Author: annephoenix
Characters: Alex
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 160
Summary: I’ll do anything ...
Warning(s): Spoilers for Scorpia Rising
Author's Notes: For the flash_rider prompt: "Fireworks and Explosions".

Disclaimer: All Alex Rider characters herein are the property of Anthony Horowitz and the Penguin Group. No copyright infringement is intended.


I’ll do anything ...

And he had.

He deserved it all. Every lash, every cut, every bruise.

For bringing her here. For not seeing beyond the end of his own nose. Not sending her home, not letting her go...

More than that. He needed it; relished the punishment. He leaned into his Doppelganger’s cruel embrace and cried as sharp teeth broke his skin. He made no move to defend himself, his dignity. He wanted to give himself ... give himself up.

Anything. I’ll do anything...

But it hadn’t made a blind bit of difference.

She still died. They killed her. An explosion that ripped through his heart with more pain than he could ever have imagined. Julius held his shaking body, laughed, kissed him mockingly while the fireworks of metal and flesh and death rained down on white sands.

He killed her.

March 2011

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Perfect deleted scene. I don't think I'll forget that part of the book for a very long time, if ever.

(hugs Alex some more)
... I do plan a long version of this, but I had to get it off my chest. Alex's emotions were pressing down on me so hard they were starting to feel a bit crushing. I think this might help him *shifty look*

It's good to know that I wasn't the only one who felt compelled to write something after reading the book.

This was so very powerful <333

I sort of cheated and read this little ficlet before I really read 'Scorpia Rising', but now I've actually finished the book and can place the scene, it's even more perfect!!!!

After finishing the book.. I don't know how I feel about it.. I knew she was going to die, but still... I don't know.. The angst-lover in me really thought the scene was brilliant in its malice but on the other hand, it really was sad!

But this ficlet is brilliant! JuliusAlex is certainly quite a kinky, angsty, non-con pairing.

This is ... Wow. This is perfect. So angsty... Poor poor Alex. *hugs him*


That was... intense, and wrong, and so very right! A perfect addition to a rather unforgettable scene.

(I'm happy to hear there will be an expanded version, although this is short and sharp and excellent as it stands)</strike>

Coming late to reading, after finishing the book on the weekend.

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