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flash rider

flash fiction of the alex rider variety

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holding on my heart like a hand grenade
schoolgirltrick wrote in flash_rider
Title: Many Pebbles
Characters: Alex, Wolf
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,374 (which makes it... not quite proper I'M SORRY, but given that this comm hasn't been used for a bit, er. Pretend it's two fics spliced together :|a)
Summary: In the grand olde tradition of 'Alex goes to live with Wolf/K-Unit' fics... Alex goes to live with Wolf/K-Unit. In this particular bit: Alex is a girl, and no one is more surprised than Wolf.
Warning(s): None.
Author's Notes: Really, the only thing in need of clarifying is that I changed Alex's K-Unit name from Cub to Kit, because... well, think about what a female cub is called when it grows up.

Yeah. Admittedly, Kit wasn't miles better, but it was also the only one that appeals.

Also, to make up for my appalling over-count, if anyone would like an unofficial prompt to get the writerly juices flowing, I happen to quite like in media res.