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flash rider

flash fiction of the alex rider variety

Enclosed Spaces – HPStrangelove – Enclosed Spaces
hpstrangelove wrote in flash_rider

Title: Enclosed Spaces

Author: hpstrangelove 

Rating: NC-17

Summary: While on his way to a hit, Yassen unexpectedly encounters Alex Rider, and wonders if it's really a coincidence or if he's being followed.

Word Count: 999

Warning: Dub-con, m/m frotting, kissing – Alex is 17.

Pairing/Characters: Yassen/Alex

Beta: The wonderful joanwilder .

Author’s Note: Written for the flash_rider  community’s second challenge prompt, Enclosed Spaces. Ignores the end to Eagle Strike.

Disclaimer: Any mention of 'Stormbreaker’, 'Alex Rider', any associated entities, or any copyrighted material pertaining therein is reasonably protected by the Fair Use Rule of the United States Copyright Act of 1976, and is not intended to infringe upon any copyrighted material. All Alex Rider characters belong to Anthony Horowitz. No monetary profit made on this story.

Enclosed SpacesCollapse )