Betrayals - HPStrangelove - Prompt: Betrayal

Title: Betrayals

Author: hpstrangelove 

Rating: R

Summary: The night before John Rider’s capture in Malta, he’d asked Yassen Gregorovich to watch over and keep his unborn child safe if he were to die before his child grew up. Sixteen years later, Yassen is about to betray John’s trust. He is about to kill Alex Rider.

Word Count: 1178

Warning: References to underage sex, violence.

Pairing/Characters: Yassen/Alex

Beta: The wonderful joanwilder  - I wouldn't be writing if it weren't for her.

Author’s Note: Written for the flash_rider  community’s tenth challenge prompt, Betrayal. It also makes references to events that take place in my story It Would Be Better If We Didn’t Meet Again (found on the Alex Rider Archive), but you do not need to read that story in order to understand and enjoy this one.

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Julian Squee

Challenge Ten

I know, don't tell me: late! Thanks to lullabylily  for reminding me that we were overdue for promptage! (Also, sorry, hun, four days went by very quickly!)

I give you, the Tenth Challenge of the Flash Rider community:


It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

The prompt will be open from September 26-October 26.

Also, would
anyone be interested in a "Bodice Ripper" challenge for next month? :P

ETA: dates! So that you can mock us to the fullest when if we're late with the next challenge!
Fenrir black & white wolf

Crying for the Moon - Anne Phoenix - Prompt: Full Moon

Title: Crying for the Moon
Author: annephoenix
Characters: Alex, Fenrir Greyback
Rating: R
Word Count: 1000
Summary: "Alex arched his back and tried to buck off his attacker but it was hopeless. He was trapped and without even a blade to defend himself, he stood no chance."
Warning(s): Werewolves
Author's Notes: Written for the flash_rider community’s challenge prompt, "Full Moon".

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By the Light of the Full Moon - HPStrangelove - Prompt: Full Moon

Title: By the Light of the Full Moon

Author: hpstrangelove 

Rating: PG

Summary: Yassen must answer a question, a question that will affect him for the rest of his life.

Word Count: 1134

Warning: None

Pairing/Characters: Yassen Gregorovich, John Rider (no slash)

Beta: The wonderful joanwilder .

Author’s Note: Written for the flash_rider  community’s ninth challenge prompt, Full Moon. Spoilers for Eagle Strike.

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You can never have too many drabbles, right? Of course right! Say hello to the newest member of the the Alex Rider LJ network:


alexrider100 is a weekly-prompt drabble community specializing in drabbles of 100 words (give or take). It's all about creativity and fun, so come on in and take a look around (and bring a friend)!
Julian Squee

Challenge Nine

Hello, faithful stalkers of flash_rider ! Thank you all for such lovely stories this last month! I realize that this is a day late, so without further ado, I give you Challenge Nine:

Full Moon.

As always, please feel free to interpret the prompt however you wish! But a werewolf fic would not go amiss

Thank you, have a wonderful and loquacious month!

ETA: The challenge is open from August 12 - September 12.
It is our choices... by abrilliantly

Fic: Bruises, Jack, Yassen/Alex, R

Title: Bruises
Writer: melusinahp
Characters: Jack, Yassen/Alex
Rating: R
Warnings: Underage sex, Alex is 15
Summary: "Jack had never treated him like a child, never tried to control where he went or what he did. Attempting to keep a boy like Alex out of trouble was pointless. But enough was enough."
A/N: Thanks to annephoenix who made me write this and looked it over. Also, I should mention that this fic owes a HUGE debt of inspiration to kennahijja's wonderful fic, A Harsh Cord.

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Alex trouble

Outsider point of view -- Anne Phoenix

Title: Outsider point of view
Author: annephoenix
Rating: PG
Word Count: 900
Summary: ... There's something seriously wrong with Alex Rider.
Warning(s): None
Author's Notes: Written for the flash_rider community’s eight challenge prompt, "Outsider point of view". In true drabble fashion this was written in one sitting. Beta reading, what beta reading?

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